"I’ve known Bill McKenna for the past five years, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that he is a man of his word who truly cares about his community and the people who live here.  Bill is passionate about bringing people together and working on things that bring us together rather than pull us apart.  In addition to advocating for smart, controlled growth in our downtown, Bill stepped up to help organize a Memorial Day event when the usual organizers were not able to do so and spearheaded the formation of Herndon’s first Youth Advisory Council during his first term on Council.  I wholeheartedly endorse him for re-election in 2018."

- Lisa Merkel

Mayor of Herndon

"When I first met Bill, I could tell right away he is an engaged and thoughtful person.  He's come to Richmond several times a year to advocate not just for Herndon, but for the Northern Virginia region and the needs of our businesses and residents.  He attends and participates in every town hall I've held in Herndon and stays long after the program to discuss concerns with attendees.  Every event I have attended in Herndon, Bill is there, and everyone knows and loves him.  These are just a few reasons I enthusiastically endorse and support Bill McKenna for re-election to the Herndon Town Council this November."

- Jennifer Wexton

State Senator - 33rd District (Herndon/Fairfax/Loudoun Counties)

State of Virginia

"I have worked collaboratively with Bill since he was elected to Town council and I can tell you he works very hard for our community every day.  One of the things that impresses me is his understanding of state impact on local government funding and the budget process.  Bill has worked hard to make sure locally collected revenues stay in Herndon and also helped bring tax dollars back from Richmond.  He gets the big picture and is always puts his constituents first. He is smart, empathetic, hard-working and truly loves Herndon and I whole hardily support Bill McKenna's re-election for 2018."

- Jennifer Boysko

Delegate - 86th District (Herndon/Fairfax/Loudoun Counties)

State of Virginia

"As the County Supervisor who represents Herndon, I often have the opportunity to work with or observe Herndon Town Councilman Bill McKenna. I respect Bill for his obvious skills at governance and I very much appreciate his passion for service to the Herndon community and all Herndon residents. I believe that a good local government official listens to his or her constituents, then leads and delivers for them. Bill has demonstrated he does that very well, and always with good humor and a very engaging and positive approach. Bill obviously loves to serve his community and he is good at it. That is why I strongly endorse Bill McKenna for re-election to the Herndon Town Council."

- John Foust

Supervisor, Dranesville District

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

"Bill brings a unique perspective to his role on the Herndon Town Council. While serving as a council member in New Jersey, Bill was required to take ownership of various town functions and oversee them. As a result of this background and his personal drive, Bill digs into issues in detail, taking a measured approach to complex topics such as the town budget and the development of the downtown.  Underlying this dedication to his role, Bill takes the time to listen to the community, engaging with business owners and citizens to understand varied perspectives on issues as he forms his view on how to proceed.  His passion for the town and its future are further evidenced by his leading the formation of the Herndon Youth Advisory Council and serving as the Council liaison to this impressive group of young people.  Bill will continue to serve the town well through his vision, commitment, and leadership."

- C. Melissa Jonas

Chairperson - Herndon Planning Commission

Vice Chair -    Fairfax County Redevelopment & Housing Authority

"Bill has our vote on November 6th! Herndon has benefited from his leadership for the past two years and Bill knows how to build coalitions to get things done. His prior experience on other town councils is invaluable to Herndon." 

- Richard and Linda Downer

(Richard is a Former Town Councilmember in the Town of Herndon)

Residents - Herndon, VA

"Mr. McKenna, an incumbent, is one of my favorite people in Herndon. When you think small town advocacy and leadership, you think of people like Bill.

Mr. McKenna is a frequent face at Herndon events, and often represents the town on commissions. He has made differences both big and small: He champions downtown development as a policy and budget wonk, but also dedicates his time to do things like read to elementary school kids and support the Herndon Youth Advisory Council. He is very transparent, providing frequent email and social media updates about town goings-on.

His recent inspiring effort has been to lose weight while being active around Herndon. He’s lost 100 lbs and counting — go get ’em, Bill!"

- Dan Stalcup

Resident - Herndon, VA

Read his full Blog here regarding endorsements


"My wife Brena and I moved to the Town of Herndon in 2014. We initially lived in unincorporated Herndon but were drawn here by the small town charm and local government. My wife grew up in an incorporated area with a mayor and a council and I always wanted to live in a place where a person could make a difference and see the results of local government at work.  When the 2016 election came around, I found a candidate, Bill McKenna via Facebook who shared my family's ideas.  I made a donation to his campaign and invited him over to our house to talk.  My wife and I were impressed by his knowledge of local government, local procedures and his passion to get things done.  We found out in talking with Bill that he was no stranger to local government, having been elected in New Jersey at the age of 24. Since taking office, Bill has been a go-getter for Herndon, and his actions along with the mayor and other council members can be directly seen in the redevelopment of downtown Herndon and the town moving forward with Comstock's proposal for the old Ashwell property.  Bill brings big ideas to our small town.  It is my wife and I's pleasure to endorse Councilmember McKenna for another term on the Herndon Town Council"


- Brena and Charles Williams

Residents- Herndon, VA

"Can’t say enough about this guy right here....Billy Mac as he is known to by many, is a special man that knows and understands the needs of others and is willing to put his stake down and get things done! I’ve known BMac for over 20 years....he worked with our staff at West Virginia Wesleyan College in the early 90’s....I knew then this kid was destined for great things as a public servant....love him, respect him, appreciate the life-long friendship! Keep up the effort Mac!"

-Brian Jozwiak

West Virginia University Football Hall of Famer (Consensus All -American 1985)

Taught and Coached Bill 1992-96 at West Virginia Wesleyan College

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